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Katharina's passion is the real estate industry.

As a little girl she accompanied her father on property tours at home and abroad and as a teenager increased her pocket money in her grandfather's real estate company.

At the age of 36, she can now have been actively involved in the

Looking back on the real estate industry.

Katharina attaches great importance to a well-founded real estate business

Expertise and is constantly expanding your real estate expertise
leading faculties of the real estate industry and
is a certified DEKRA expert for real estate valuation D1, certified real estate agent IHK / EBZ,

Industrial clerk, prospective real estate specialist and trainer for real estate agent

(IHK / EBZ) and real estate technician EBZ.

Katharina's strengths are above all in the field of experts,

construction technology and brokerage law. She strives for training as a construction technician

the degree to the construction manager and the Bachelor of Arts real estate broker at the EBZ.

It is your philosophy and claim, not just one

effective and speedy real estate brokerage or property valuation

to ensure but rather prudently a property with structural engineering

To convey or evaluate professional competence.

Katharina's standard is a structural understanding of that for every customer

To convey the object or the individual market value of the object.

Her motto in life: "We have to think anyway - why not then positively"


Valeria is an IT systems clerk and sales professional.

Valeria's areas of expertise are sales, system administration and

Social media.

Valeria supports the social media area.

Her motto in life: "Live and let live"


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